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TWO GI JOES, 12" Destro Figure & Major Bludd Mercenary Figure , A Real American Hero, Hasbro, Free Shipping!


12" Major Bludd Mercenary Figure, part of the second series of 12 inch figures.

EVERYTHING pictured INCLUDED. No Original Boxes. Black Helmet, Purple Armor, Black Pants, Grey Boots, Black Rifle, Silver Pistol, Two Silver Knives, Two Silver Grenades, Silver Backpack, Red Dog Tags and Operations Manual.

Series: 17
YoJoe ID: 106-HAF-1994-MAJORBLU-01

12" Destro Figure, released in 1993 as part of the second series of the Hall of Fame collection.

EVERYTHING INCLUDED, except for original box. Silver Mask, Shirt, Pants, Belt, Boots, Silver rifle with removable clip and red missile launcher, an orange missile, silver knife, silver sheath with black strap, pair of red dog tags, and operations manual.

Series: 16
YoJoe ID: 106-HAF-1993-DESTRO-01

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