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Background story... Im being really serious, this guy looks at me and goes.... "what if this cup, this cup right here, (picking up the orange goblet in his hands and holding towards the heavens) this gorgeous orange, amber, brown, cup, was 'THE JESUS CUP'.....

He dumbfounded me for a moment, caught me offguard... I stare blankly at him, trying to think of a sarcastic comeback, but.... without skipping a beat in that tiny milisecond, he goes on....

"You never know, Jesus could've drank from this cup. He really could've ya'know.. The mysteries of the world.. (Now starring at the orangeyness still in his hand) Im dubbing this, THE JESUS CUP!!!! It really is a pretty cup. Does this count as a cup since it has a stem...?NAaaaahhhh, Jesus drank from this cup. I know he did. I can feel it. Yep, THE JESUS CUP."

(He gently, and kinda sadly, sets the cup back down where he picked it up from).

So, now that you know the history I've recently had with this goblet cup... and I agree, it really is beautiful. And, hince you now understand why I have named this listing .....

This listing is for, 1 (one) Orange, Amber, Brown Goblet Pedestal Cup. Measures approximately 6 inches tall. It does have beautiful bubbles in the glass. Its a replacement to the match you have, that one of your kids broke ages ago. A single liquid holder to drink wine out of, like Jesus. Or, you can use it to store paperclips on your desk... however you see fit using this cup and giving it the next chapter in its untold life.. And a really unique story to go along with a glass. ;)

Disclaimer: no. I have no idea if Jesus drank out of the cup, haha. I am NOT saying he did, i am not saying i think he did. No, the dude mentioned is not a physic, although, some people.... this ironic strange world, you never know!! haha.

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