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Superman & Supergirl Vintage 1993 Comic Books, Funeral for a Friend 6/7


DC – March 1993 – Superman the Man of Steel – Funeral for a friend/7
By Louise Simonson, Jon Bogdanove & Dennis Janke
Superman: The Man of Steel, March 1993.
The plastic is in okay shape, the corners or rolled, and the back has a name written on it. The cardboard is inside.
The comic itself is in great condition!
DC - February 1993 - Supergirl in Action Comics - Funeral for a Friend/6
By Stern, Guice, & Rodier
Who's Buried in Superman's Tomb?... And Why is Lex Luthor So Paranoid?
No Plastic, Cardboard of it's own (shared with Superman's).
Comic itself is in Okay Condition.

BOTH SOLD TOGETHER. One LOT of TWO comic books.

Ships USPS Postage Service.

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