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Sears 800 watt electric, In-line engine heater, Gear heads, Garage Bums, Classic restoration, Restored Antique Vehicles, Original, Free Ship


Sears 800 watt electric, In-line engine heater

Helps start your car quickly, smoothly... even in frigid winter weather.
fits most cars
Installs easily in heater return hose circuit without draining cooling system
Thermostatically controlled vapor pup heats engine coolant, pumps, it through engine block and heater
Delivers uniform heat distribution, fast heat and engine warm-up
Operates on 110120 volts
Complete installation instructions included.
Includes: Heater, 6 ft cord with 3 prong plug, hose clamps, all necessary fittings.
sold by Sears, Roebuck and Co
Made in Canada

Original Box.
original receipt in box dates it at Jan 10 1974.
it looks to be in very clean, new condition.


Fits General Motors, Ford, Chrysler cars and lightweight trucks through 1970 without factory installed air conditioning. Fits 1971 and all later models with or without air conditioning. EXCEPTIONS: will NOT fit Lincoln and Thunderbird through 1970.

Fits American Motors cars, all years and models with or without air conditioning.

Fits MOST foreign-made cars and lightweight trucks with water-cooled engines, with or without air conditioning.

NOTE: NOT for cars with full automatic climate control.

ships USPS.


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