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S - Lube Sign, vintage advertising, free shipping


Vintage Advertising Upcycled!! this sign was used for an Auto repair place (Brakes, Lube, Service, etc) The sign is in vintage condition, but good. There are chips, cracks in paint, weather wear, but wood is still strong. Edges of wood are weather worn the worst. This sign has awesome authentic patina.

The sign is no longer in its original state. It has been cut down from its extra long length. This section was not cut out intentionally, but just stood out at me. It does have two holes where the screws were put in to hold it to the outside of the building.

Its a great sign! comical. makes me laugh, chuckle to myself when i see it. I automatically, add two letters when I glance at it, EX. Sex Lube. Slube?

Would look pretty cool in an auto repair shop. Would look pretty cool in the restaurant adjacent. Would look pretty cool in the bar down the street. Or, even in your bedroom above your bed, in college. Anywhere you can imagine this unique sign hung....

There is only one sign in the world that looks like this. This one. Only ONE in stock!!!!

It does have a coat of clear Polyurethane, to seal that faded, chipped look.

Measures 3 feet x 1 foot x 1/2 inch or.
36 inches x 12 inches x .5 inches.

ships usps.
Free Shipping to USA only.
AK & HI may require additional shipping costs.

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