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RICHIE RICH Comic Books, Lot of 5, Harvey Comics, Silver/Bronze Age


Richie Rich, The Poor Little Rich Boy, August 1968, Vol 1 No 72 (covers worn)
Richie Rich, Billions of Thrills, November 1976, No 13
Richie Rich, Cash in on Thrills and Laughs, November 1977, No 20
Richie Rich, Diamonds, June 1976, No 24
Richie Rich, Inventions, May 1980 No 13

One Silver Four Bronze Age of Comics.

Lot of FIVE, All Sold Together. Interested in just one? Contact me.
More pictures available upon request.

Cover is worn on the 1968 comic, ALL the others are in good condition.

Ships First Class Mail to USA and beyond.


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