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Rainbow Hearts - OOAK - Framed Art


This is One-Of-A-Kind Artwork, there is no other like it. All original by Terri.

Was drawn back in 2009.

Framed since finished.

Took Artist over a month.
Artist's signature is on back.

** Picture number 4 shows how colorful and bright this picture really is at night! The lights are off and you can still see it pop off the wall at you even at night! **
** The pictures above do show that the drawing has slid down on one side since being placed in frame in 2009, I promise to take the frame apart and fix that before shipping.**

Interested in a truly original one like this one for yourself? I can start working on that for you today. It'll take about a month to complete. You can even choose the colors, or colors to leave out, etc. (custom listing made just for you, make me an offer on price you'd be willing to pay!)

Pen and Ink & Color Pencils.

Free Shipping on this item!

Item leaves my hands at USPS, Insured, to you at your destination. I'll ship anywhere in this giant world, just message me and we can discuss shipping charges. free shipping applies only to the usa.

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