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Moffat Road, Colorado, Post Card, Antique Poste Carte, free shipping


LOT of PosteCartes ALL from Moffat Road, Colorado.

Total of XXX Post Cards.
ALL UNUSED. No writing anywhere. No stamps. No post marks.

The follow cards all say this on their backs & are ALL Black and White:
The P.C. Co. Denver, Colo
Post Card
This space may be used for Correspondence
For Address Only
Stamp here

The numbers are:
201, 204 (2 postcards), 210, 211, 213, 214, 216, 223.
all are black and white. all have corner on front that explains the view.
Entrance to Gore Canon - Moffat Road
meria Canon - Moffat Road (corner of card is wore)
Into the Depths of Gore Canon - Moffat Road
Tunnel No 6 - Moffat Road
remmling, Colorado - Moffat Road
East from Phantom Ridge - Moffat Road
Sulphur Springs, Colorado - Moffat Road (x2)
View from Tunnel No. 5 - Moffat Road

******Then there are other post cards that don't exactly match these above.

thick white bottom across bottom: Mount Abram, from the Ouray Toll Road, Colo.
written on back: No. A 1228 Published by The Colorado News Company, Denver Colo. Leipzig-Berlin Excelsior ANC NY. Postage: United States, and Island Possessions, Cuba, Canada, and Mexico, 1 cent.

Card by: Edward H Mitchell, Publisher San Francisco
Colored. with Red Letting.
#349 - Yankee Doodle Lake and James Peak, Moffatt Road, Colorado

black lettering, small thin white outline around colored picture.
#9280. Western Slope, Continental Divide, Moffat Road, Colorado

and then THREE more Post cards, that match themselves. They are Raised, embossed, 3. All of these three, have thin white outlines, black lettering. and no makers name. all three colored.

1102. Sphinx Head Rock Tunnel, "Moffat Road"
1109. Above the Loop, "Moffat Road" Colorado
1110 On the Crest of the Continental Divide, "Moffat Road" Colorado

Every last one of these Post Cards is History. We are talking about the 3rd largest railroad tunnel in the USA. The shortcut idea was thought of 1902 but wasn't officially completed until 1928, even though the sign was left to read 1927. It wasn't until December 1983 that the debt was officially paid off. The guy who started it all, David Halliday Moffat, died in 1911 before the first bond was issued for the project to begin in 1914. It took 48 months to bore, 5 years to complete, 28 people died. 750,000 cubic yards or rock was moved, which equals to 1,600 trains with 40 cars each. This Moffat Road line runs from Utah Junction in Denver, through Grand Valley and ending in Craig, Colorado. It is on the National Registry of Historic Districts.



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