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Lot of Seven Watches - Vintage Ladies Wrist watches, FREE Shipping


Seven Ladies Vintage Wrist Watches

#1 - Timex Quartz - CR 2016 Cell, Water Resistant, Philippines, T A6, Base Metal Bezel, Stainless Steel Back
#2 - Phasar Quartz - Sears Robuck and Co, Water Resistant, Base Metal Bezel Stainless Steel Back, V229-0010, A1 P-E9
#3 - Quemex Quartz - Base Metal Case, Stainless Steel Back (no winder button, no glass)
#4 - Eternity Quartz - Roman Numeral front, AWCLFCL26159, Stainless Steel Caseback, Base Metal Bezel, Hong Kong Movement
#5 -Timex Indiglo - WR30M, T20061, CR1218 Cell, WR 30 meters, Stainless Steel Back, N2
#6 - Acola - Base Metal Bezel, Stainless Steel Back and Band, TA, Phillipppines
#7 - Peugeot Quartz Japan Movt - flexible band, gold trimmed, no back.

Items sold/shipped TOGETHER in ONE LOT.
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Ships USPS Priority Mail to the USA and beyond.

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