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LIFE Magazine, March 27, 1944, Infantry Landing, great advertisements!


LIFE Magazine, March 27, 1944

Pretty good condition for its age. There are some wrinkles on the back cover page.

Full Page Colorful in great condition Ads from:
Bell Telephone System
Tavern Home Products
General Motors
Nabisco Bran
Empire Baby Pants
Cadillac (with TANK)
Pliofilm by Goodyear - food "wrapping material" which is another good reason for getting this war over in a hurry!
General Electric - FM "Natural Color" music.
Cambells Soup - Yankee Doodle
Birds Eye
Firestone - Foamex
Swan - cute babies with soap
Nabisco Shredded Wheat - 4 hours of energy!
Columbia Records
American Railroads
Fisk Tires
Ideal Dog Food
Show Business
Women Marines
John Hancock Life Insurance Co
War Bonds & 7UP ad with SAME PHOTO of SAME GIRL..back to back pages....? haha.
Dozen of the Worst Garden Weeds
and a nice garden chart.

Interested in seeing more photos of the magazine before purchase? Looking for a certain advertisement? Checkout my blog. There are plenty of additional photos of this magazine there. It's just too cool!!

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