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Interested in DARK ROOM Equipment? Kodak Photography Film Vintage Equipment, film photographs, Eastman Kodak,


HUGE PACKAGE of Vintage Film Equipment!!

1. Kodak abc Photo Lab Outfit, Model A, basic photographic materials and equipment for developing and printing with, metal printing box. in original box, it is included with alot of film stuff...!!!
2. 2 Metal Trays
3. 1 Brownie Darkroom Lamp
4. Kodak Darkroom Thermometer
5. Kodak Tumbler Graduate 4 oz
6. (unopened) Kodak Universal M-Q Developer, film plates and papers for developing
7.(torn package) Kodak Photographic Paper for darkroom, Velox single weight f-2 glossy white
8. the two clips are included as stated on box.
9. Edwal cold water Hypo Eliminator, empty decor vintage bottle
10. 23 Film Canisters, 15 metal with metal lids, 8 metal with plastic lids
11. Tape Cleaning Oil with metal and plastic parts
12. Jobo Universal Tape, 16/160 D, 30700, 2 films 135/36 films 16 mm films 120 & 127 500ccm, in original box
13. Silver Funnels
14. Exposure Meter, use american standard exposure index numbers, general electric, type dw-68
15. Kodak Indicator Stop Bath, plastic bottle, with liquid
16. Anti-Static Cleaning Fluid, plastic bottle, with liquid
17. Kodak Photo-Flo 200 Solution, glass bottle metal cap, with liquid
18. Double Weight Bromide J 100 sheets 5x7 luminos paper, open in darkroom only. (I didn't open the box)
19.Seal MT5 Dry Mounting Tissue
20. Aafa Portriga Rapid, 8x10 double weight
21. And then a package of paper that is open, and I am unsure what it is exactly.

It's over a 45 piece package of FILM stuff!!!


Mostly Everything is of the Kodak brand, with the exception to the Jobo canister.
One of the bottles is empty, just for vintage show now. The other bottles do still have liquid in them, but would also be good for show, maybe the stuffs still good, I don't know for sure though.

For Easy Developing and Printing!!
More photos are available of all items, if you're interested, send me a convo! If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask! All sales final.

Ships USPS.
California, Alaska & Hawaii may require additional shipping charges... sorry.


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