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How many #GEOCACHES ?!? Bulk Geocache Containers, FREE Shipping!! Take a Guess!


So... you either have one very funny frustrating single GZ, or you have multiple containers for various coordinate drops...
either way you choose, this Geocache is LOADED.

There are various different containers, EACH and every container has upcycled guitar picks in them, ((swag)). There is an information sheet, stickers, and a lot of "wrong container" papers, you get to choose which containers hold the "logbooks" or the "fake logbooks". (all paper comes in plastic zip baggie, you setup this cache as you wish)

oh right, the largest plastic container.... has various coats painted on. It has an adhesive layer for paint to set to plastic. It has two coats of textured rock paint. Then it has two coats of sealer.

Ready to HIDE!!

Happy Trails!!
ships usps.

If you want to be surprised, stop reading here. There are twenty-two geocaches. Plus TWO, one is holding the logbook for the large container, one is the FREE GEOCACHE with every purchase, which contains a logbook also. This cache has TWO logbooks. If you would like more, let me know at checkout!

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