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GEOCACHES are PUZZLES, Puzzle Geocaches, Micro caches, Cool Geocaches, FREE Shipping & Free Geocache



This is a GEOCACHE container. If you are not familiar with Geocaching please check it out at:

Geocaches are already Puzzles themselves. These add another fun layer of puzzles. These are what I have in stock. Interested in a certain "saying" please let me know, otherwise Ill grab blindly.

Can you figure any of them out??
ok, here is one hint.. "Stick it to the Man".

These are upside down so you can see the full puzzle. I have drilled a small hole into each of them for a drain. IDEALLY, you should hide them sideways, or semi covered. But, they will drain. They are a 'push in' type container. Push into the ground, pole, whatever cool place you find.
Other "bottle caps" in shop are not upside-down. check those out too!

Free shipping applies to USA only.

Free Geocache with purchase of Geocache.

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