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Geocache Container - Sneaky Evil Hide - POOP - Feces, Fake Poo, Looks Real! FREE Shipping!!


Yep.... Poo. Tiny Micro or Pill Bottle Micro size container hidden on the underside of a pile of poop.... Logbook included.

There is also an option for one with or without a push-in hold down stake.

Evil... Sneaky... Placed in the correct setting, a lot of people would overlook this cache - wouldn't wanna dare think that it was... who in the caching party is brave enough to find a stick and poke at it? Throw your local cachers for a smelly loop! :)

Also could be used for a sneaky KEY HIDDIE! If you are interested in hiding poo for a KEY hiddie, please specify at checkout!!!!

Note: It's outdoor weather durable, but not durable enough to be run over by vehicles - keep that in mind when hiding.

Ships USPS Priority Mail to the USA.
International Shipping is Available - Please contact me.

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