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For your Birthday HUBBY! Happy Birthday, RARE Greeting Cards, for Husband, odd cards, vintage, full of love, bday,


This card just ... KEEPS GOING! It's a REALLY COOL CARD!

front cover: For Your Birthday Hubby! Hon, this HOLE ain't the top of the old Milkin' Pail,
first open: two pictures, mouse on house & pot on fire
second open: picture of hat & says: Or a HOLE that was BLOWED in here durin' a feud,
third open: picture of mouse catching a fish & says: It ain't a HOLE cut in the ice to fish through,
fourth open: mouse with cake & says: It's a "HOLE" lot of love epeciallt for you! Happy Birthday.

It DOES HAVE a spot on the very front, towards the top left, a small hole/deterioration. (a small sticker could cover this)

Comes with white vintage Envelope.

FREE SHIPPING to usa only.


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