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Easter card BOOK, Chickens on the Farm, to my Mother at Easter Holiday Greeting Cards, Second Use, with Envelope, FREE Shipping


This specific cards details::

IT IS A BOOK! 4 page book card!

To my Mother at Easter, When I was just a chick, you often had to clip my wings, it must have kept you running just to keep me out of things, but every time i needed you, you always filled the bill, and mother i sure loved you then, just like i always will!! Happy Eater!!

inside the center, the staple is rusted. no water damage on card.

back reads::

Card is in excellent condition for it's age! Super rare, super cool!

comes with Envelope. (not pictures, sorry)

I have a thing with the number two... So I really like these SECOND TIME AROUND Vintage Greeting Cards.
Yes, they are authentic vintage or antique.
Yes, they have been lightly used once. We add an 'embellishment' over the spot they have been 'signed'. Some of these cards are SUPER UNIQUE, some with REALLY BRIGHT COLORS and really, Everything should be used twice.
Recycle Everything!!

Ships USPS.
Free Shipping to USA only.


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