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Display doll, crochet handmade dress, one of a kind, handmade, vintage, doll with stand, collectible, brunette, blue eyes


Are you a Doll collector?! This doll is for you!!
She is a one of a kind, no other exactly like her out in the world...

She was handmade for me, in the 1980's. truly, one of a kind. and she is decked out! she has a ridiculously flowy dress. has shorts under, matching hat & boots, and then the ties, with the pom poms. Even gotta love the colors, such happy hippie colors!

her body is plastic. she is a brunette. and she does come with a display stand.

any other questions I would be happy to answer. interested in more photos? sure! just contact me.

No. I can NOT customize. Yes, I have other dolls in my shop.

ships USPS.


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