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Communist China Map Folio, CIA - October 1967, 20+ Maps in Booklet, Military Memorabilia, 1960's Maps, military maps


approximately 22 x 18 inches (while closed).
October 1967.
CIA, USA Military
Office of Basic and Geographic Intelligence
Directorate of Intelligence

The Maps are FULL Pages. They book is in really great condition. The front and back cover are thick shiny RED textured paper. There are serveral different maps, showing different things. Administrative Divisions, Natural Vegetation, Precipitation, Railroads, Waterways, Population, Ethnolinguistic Groups, Agriculture, Ruels ad Power, Minerals and Metals, Industry, Legend, North, South, Tibet, etc.

About 20 pages. It Does have one scratch on the front cover. and the black binding is slightly wore. Overall this book is in great condition.

This is a rarity, you won't find another one for sale anywhere. and I know this is the only one that will ever grace this storefront.

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quick quote from preface of book:

"folio is intended as introduction and general reference... issued primarily for government use, but limited number of copies have been made available to academic institutions...... folio contains 17 maps, 12 accompanying texts.... map scale 1:10,000,000 and five regional maps at 1:4,500,000.... 11 thermatic maps...."

more photos available upon request. The FIVE spots available for pictures on Etsy just aren't enough to show this book off. It's a very RARE find. Inquire and I will gladly take more photos.

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