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57 GEOCACHES in one Container.... ?


Yes, you read that right. And Nope, not a typo.

This listing is for a single GEOCACHE.
If you dont know what Geocaching is, please question before purchase.

I have created a one water Jug, Frustrated Geocache.

The water cooler jug is the MAIN CONTAINER.
There are 56, fifty-six various containers inside. Some have been filled with "not the logbook" or "nope, try again" printed sayings on paper inside the hugely different size containers.

Only ONE of the 56 inside containers will hold the logbook. I have left that decision up to the buyer to decide. Maybe you have a container you'd like to add. The logbook is included with the package, just, hasnt been placed into one of the containers. Also included is the Geocaching Informational sheet for muggles.

My daughter did the doubcle check, second count of inside containers, it took her a good 10 minutes to shake every last container out. See, they are all different sizes, so they all want to come out at different angles. It wasnt too long to accomplish, but, some cachers find these type of caches frustrating.

Also included is the informational sticker, (you will need to fill out the info on your username and cache name info, etc) before sticking it onto the cache.

It is water tight with top.
It measures approximately 21 inches tall, and 10 inches wide.
There are 57 containers included.
Ships USPS.

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