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4 Photograph, Stereoscope Viewer, Picture Viewer, Keystone View Company, Belleau Woods France, New York,


4 picture cards, 3d, keystone view co, 4 cards, photograph, photographs, photo cards, viewer 

Keystone View Company
Manufacturers Pulishers
Copyrighted made in USA
Meadville, PA - New York NY, Portland OR, London ENG, Sydney AUS

#18725 Strong Dugouts in Holes Under Huge Rocks in Belleau Woods, France
#16259 The "Indomitable" The English battleship, which Sunk the German "Bluecher" on Sunday January 24, 1915.
#19163 Hail to the Heroes! Returning Troops on March Ermutte to camp After Leaving Transport New York Harbor
#19070 One of New York's Most Stupendous Military Spectacles when Thirty eight Thousand Men Parade in Honor of Har Citiaen Solidiers.

all are in used condition, but good. normal 100 year old wear.

all sold together.

ships usps.


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